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Alexander Johnson was born in the UK and raised between London, England and Kitzbuehel, Austria. He was educated in England and Switzerland, completing his undergraduate degree at business school. He began his career with various entrepreneurial projects, quickly expanding his significant network and establishing himself as a serious and trustworthy partner.
Alexander Johnson was previously cited as the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange when he served as a board director of Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, a waste-to-energy company operating in South Africa.
In 2015 he founded Lochwood Capital to oversee his investments and development projects. His involvement with companies of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange granted access to a vast array of ventures and provided proprietary knowledge of early- to mid-stage projects, particularly in the technology sector. For several years he served as an IPO and investor relations consultant to American and European companies.
In recent years he has identified investments through Lochwood Ventures, his London-based venture builder, into two highly anticipated companies in the financial technology and digital photography sectors, which launch later in 2017. Alongside his business projects, Alexander Johnson actively supports solar-power technology initiatives and is an advocate of wildlife and ocean conservation.
Find out more about Alexander Johnson and his work here, Visit Alexander Johnson corporation website here and Read more about Alexander Johnson  lochwood ventures here. 

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